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The subject for today : Inspiration

... it comes from a myriad of places and fires up the Muse to create all manner of wonderful stuff.

So where does mine come from?

Chance comments in conversation with a good friend, a great image at an exhibition, a wonderful piece of music - all of these and more.

The most recent on my radar: a glorious conversation about seafood and a shared love of crab, which has resulted in a challenge to create a crab based design - watch this space -

and an exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre - The 'wit' of the stitch on until the 25th of September - to quote the website:

"The ‘wit’ of the stitch features the work of eight makers who each combine an adept use of stitch with an acuity of perception. Some play with the heritage of needlecraft, others explore the expressive potential of stitch to create wry and revealing observations of contemporary life. All seek to raise thoughts as well as smiles in response."

I loved this - and many other exhibitions at Ruthin Craft Centre - well worth a visit.

The Muse has imparted several corkers to mull over - besides the aforementioned crab there is also making my own paper bags and the encouragement to go back and finish some feline & floral artwork.

Oh yes, and where did I put those sketches of Betty?

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