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Inspiring Artist of the day - Serizawa Keisuki

Superbly drawn and full of dynamic movement, this is just fantastic!

Kimono shaped comforter, Edo period, 19th century, indigo dyeing, cotton

created with stencils in the traditional Japanese manner

Serizawa achieved fame as a textile designer and was designated as a Living National treasure by the the Japanese government for his outstanding work using the Katazome stencil technique for dying fabric. He was a major exponent of the mingei — people's craft movement.

He was also known for his illustrated books, including Don Quixote, Vincent van Gogh and A Day at Mashiko.

There is an excellent catalogue published by the Japan Society which traces Serizawa's artistic biography in detail using the finest examples of his work.

There are two museums in Japan dedicated to the work of Serizawa Keisuke, one in Shizuoka and another in Sendai.



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