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Seashells – a perennial favourite

I've been thinking about the sea quite a bit just recently, I'm missing it, and this led me to thoughts of seashells.

I've had a few dabbles in the past with shell related designs, it's one of those ideas that comes and goes, then appears, sinks with out trace and resurfaces in another guise. An inspiration that just keeps popping up!

I think it's the spirals and the soft sun bleached colours that get to me, those softened shapes, the curves, the stripes and the textures, the faded coral red, the bright sunshine yellows and oranges of wee periwinkles, the purple blues of mussels and the soft pinks and greys of the pebbles.

I never come home without a pocket full of shells, pebbles and sometimes even fossils, I'm a beachcomber at heart.

Unfortunately this time the Muse is in need of some extra help, since I can't go to the sea, the sea has to come to me, via a Pinterest collection. It's a bit like beachcombing, but without getting my feet wet!

Of course I also have some shells, pebbles and the odd crab claw around the house, and I'm getting out the sketchbooks, and browsing the pages for inspiration.

Wish me luck!


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