Graphics came back into the picture for a short while, but now I'm back to my first love - drawing. 

I love working with a dip pen, and that my choice of medium has an impact on what comes out of me, that I'm not totally in control and that there can be happy accidents along the way ...the serendipity of the process.

It's a collaboration between me, my muse and my medium – pen, pencil, watercolour, gouache – it gives me such a feeling of freedom compared to the tight preciseness of working with a mouse, although I still scan my work and do a bit of manipulation in Corelsuite.

I learnt to sew at my mother's knee and have sewn most of my life, almost as long as I've drawn, and when I found I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. It took me no time at all to open a shop, fill it with juicy goodness and start selling. 


You'll find that many of the designs there are computer generated, but there's a definite shift back towards the hand drawn element and keeping it simple.


Hi, my name is Moira Rae Carter.


Thank you so much for stoppping by my website.

I am an illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer and I work from my home studio in Handbridge, Chester, near a shrine to the  Roman Goddess Minerva ...she's the one with the owl. 

I trained as an illustrator and freelanced for a few years –working as a botanical illustrator at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew – before finding myself in a graphics unit in Kingston, Surrey, where I also did a bit of cartography, and learnt Graphic design on the job.

That's where I met my partner and we moved two hundred miles north, where I set up my own studio and concentrated on Printmaking and ceramics for several years while teaching life drawing and botanical drawing.




"Making the simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity" 

Charles Mingus

House and home... to experiment!


Want to know more about the things I love, and how I work on the birdie!

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