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Inspiring Artist of the day - Yayoi Kusama

Mark making impresario!

Love the freedom of her work - make a mark repeat it - fill the canvas, fill the room

...why not?!

Yayoi Kusama signing her art installation (2012) photo by Vagner Carvalheiro

Also ...I found this fabulous Momart video several months ago and thought I'd share it - how to paint like Yayoi Kusama - seems an appropriate time while indulging in a bit of mark making for the Make Art That Sells Home Decor course.

Yayoi Kusama at work - this image links to the Momart video mentioned above.

Oh, and of course there are the pumpkins!

David Zwirmer also have the most amazing Yayoi Kusama biography

click on the flowers to go and enjoy!

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