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Bit of an odd one here but 'bear with' as Miranda Hart's school nemesis Tilly used to say ...repeatedly!

Gosh I loved that programme.

I've been engaging in a wee spot of CPD - Continuing Professional Development - and signed up for a MATS - Make Art That Sells - course or two. Well I'm currently part way through MATS A&B, I've finished the Summer Boot Camp and now I'm in week three of the Home Decor course.

I know that's a lot to be going on with but, 'bear with'...

the Mentor of this course, the Queen of MATS, is Lilla Rogers - I know she won't mind being referred to as the Queen as she recently mentioned a real need for a crown.

Where was I?!

'Bear with' is wearing thin.

Oh yes, at the onset of the Home Decor course Lilla suggested we create a 'Look book' - a book of images showing trends in colour, design and so on - of our homes, each page illustrating the theme of each class and today she added, in the form of a bonus page... Pattern.

Now pattern I love, but to my amazement I find that most of my clothing is plain and so are the soft furnishings in our house, as I write that I can think of something I didn't photograph...

off I go with camera in hand...

back shortly...

Did you miss me?

So here I am with my 'Look book' which is on Pinterest,

just click on the image to go and see the rest of it...

...along with lots of other boards of me type stuff!

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