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Inspiring Artist of the Day - Mary Wondrausch

Mary Wondrausch - I've linked this image to a video of her on Vimeo

Great lady, so very passionate about not only her own work but others, I know she also loved Barry Stedman's work, mentioned in a previous blog, as she told me at a Hatfield last summer ...while we were standing next to him!

I only met her twice and both times she was a joy to talk to, the first time I was in my twenties and studying pottery - Adult Education classes in Surbiton and Twickenham - there was a day trip to Compton, to see the Watts Gallery and her pottery. I took my mother with me and bought her one of Mary's garlic pots which I now have in my kitchen.

Slip ware was her thing - she was really good at it too - in the above photo you can see her slip trailing a commemorative plate in the tradition of Thomas Toft .

I remember her telling us that the standard slip trailer never held enough slip and often splurted the contents across the ware, so she invented her own version made from bicycle inner tubes, nozzles and a bulldog clip!

Mary trained as a water colourist and often made flatware inspired by her drawings, and watercolours, such as this plate, although less traditional I love these too - the free hand washes of slip, incised with a stick or paint brush handle and then painted with oxides - Lovely!

Pear plate - Cheddington Studio Pottery - Mary Wondrausch

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