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Inspiring Artist of the day - Jon Eric Riis

Now and again I buy a magazine, not any magazine but something inspiring like Selvedge, Embroidery, Ceramics Review or Crafts.

In the July/August edition of Crafts there's a wee photo on page 8 that caught my attention – and although I carried on reading the rest of the magazine – that image has been haunting me.

Jon Eric Riis, First Ancestor Pearl and Tapestry Coat, 35 in. x 66 in. x 4 in., 2015

So why do I keep thinking about it?

Mainly because I've been drawing a lot of faces recently and thinking of making a surface pattern design out of them, and seeing this is like the universe telling me it's a good idea and to go with it.

But all that aside I decided to investigate Jon Eric Riis a bit further and googled him. Finding his website has set me up for the day - his gallery is full of weird and wonderful images woven into tapestries and coats.

Click on my sketch to go to my Instagram feed

and on the photo below to go to the website of Jon Eric Riis

Bugs coat – Jon Eric Riis – I love this!

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