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Inspiring Artist of the day - Alice and Martin Provensen

I wrote this some months ago and just found it languishing in the drafts folder!

So without more ado I give you Alice and Martin Provensen who illustrated more than 40 children's books together.

Alice worked for Walter Lantz Studio, the creators of Woody Woodpecker, and

Martin took worked with the rival Walt Disney Studio, where he collaborated on Dumbo, Fantasia, and Pinocchio.

Also like Gustaf Tenggren - who worked for and animation studio, Disney - they illustrated several Little Golden Books including The Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown (1949). In 1952, Tony the Tiger, designed by Martin, debuted as a Kellogg's mascot.

I adore that lion, his fabulous costume, expression,

and how his tail goes out into the white space!

Also the simple environment - the line drawing setting.

Click on this wonderful illustration to go to the

Vintage Books my Children Love blog

and to see their illustrations for A Child's Garden of Verses Robert Lewis Stevenson

A classic example of BIG and little used to create tension and interest.

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