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Inspiring Artist of the day - Tziporah Salamon

I've just discovered Tziporah Salamon via a search for all things related to tea!

Tea to reading the leaves, to Tarot, to the Empress, to China on remembering a marvellous exhibition of stunning photos at the Maritime Museum in Liverpool. These were taken by John Thompson who travelled China in the 19th century and they included a stunningly beautiful image of a woman wearing the most amazing headdress.

Gosh! Isn't she beautiful?!

This was blown up huge in the exhibition and looked amazing!

I went again and again, with Elaine, with Clare and with Paul, I loved it and so did they.

I can hear you shouting what about Tziporah?!

Obviously I found the image above, by Thompson, and then another which lead me to an article 'In conversation with Tziporah Salamon'.

“Tzippy” is a living work of art!

This image can take you to another world

Click on it!

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