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Inspiring Artist of the day - Wayne Thiebaud

As you may or may not know I've been involved a in a slice of Continuing Professional Development with Make Art That Sells, a series of online courses for illustrators, and have just completed a presentation for Home Decor products.

Maybe you've seen my Facebook page and have seen the artwork, or been following on Instagram and seen some of the hand drawn images ...and may have noticed some cupcakes.

Cupcakes by Wayne Thiebaud

N.B. look a those shadows!

Which brings me to Wayne Thiebaud, and his amazing still life paintings of - you guessed it - cupcakes, not only cupcakes but a whole assortment of cakes, whole and sliced!

Cakes by Wayne Thiebaud 1963

I particularly like this painting because it's an exercise in inspiration. Below you see a photo, you may be thinking that Thiebaud used this photo for inspiration – looking, as it does, from a fifties cookbook – but no ...this photo, and the cakes in it were inspired by his painting.

Cakes by Caitlin Williams Freeman

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