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Inspiring Artist of the day - Guy Taplin

Click on this image to go to a recent article about Guy in the telegraph.

"You get a bit of wood, and you chop off anything that doesn't look like a duck."

You gotta love the man's wit and humour, let alone his "ducks"!

I saw Guy's work in the flesh, so to speak at Ruthin Craft Centre in 2013 and these seabirds have stayed stapled to my brain ever since. Love the clean lines and simplified forms, all this and he is self taught, which just goes to show you don't need an art degree to be an artist.

Why does he do it?

"I like remnants, echoes of a life lived intensely, of the man who ran this old bit of Spanish fishing boat into port. I want to make something wonderful from the residue of a life lived, of what people have used. These objects have power and birds are transformed into what we're talking about."

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