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Inspiring Artist of the day - Lyonel Feininger

It's Wood Week on my Make Art That Sells course and so I'm focusing on Artists who work with wood. Not that I haven't already lauded some of those who do - Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson, Eileen Gray and Elisabeth Frink although I focused on her prints

...she made wooden maquettes - preliminary sculptures - which were then cast in bronze.

Lyonel Feininger was a painter, caricaturist and comic strip artist.

Less well known are his miniature hand-carved wooden figures and buildings. Rough, almost hacked out of offcuts of wood, they have such character.

I discovered these when staying with friends in Göttingen, Germany, I browsed the bookshelf and found 'The City at the edge of the World', and intriguing title ...I had to take a look - wouldn't you?

Feininger made them for his family and friends, presenting them at Christmas, birthdays or at Easter, often in groups of two or three. He started carving the figures around 1913 when he was working on a commission for a toy-maker and just kept going... there are around 250 of them.

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