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Inspiring Artist of the day - Vanessa Garwood

I noticed this gorgeous life drawing by Vanessa Garwood on Pinterest. I love to draw figures myself so seeing a really good life drawing really makes me think I need to dig out some of my own, or better still employ a model and do some new ones.

I followed the link to her website and found a series of paintings based on Fairy tales exhibited as 'And is it true? It is not true' - Brilliant idea, Great title! - in 2015.

If you go to her website - via the link embedded in the life drawing - you can then go to her Portfolio page and see how some of these paintings developed.

The Tailor of Gloucester is my favourite - the story resonates with me as I've always sewn - for anyone who doesn't know's by Beatrix Potter.

All this reminds me of Paula Rego's work, I think I'll go look her up...

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