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Inspiring Artist of the Day - Max Ernst

In my last blog in this series I mentioned that I'd happily stuff Sargent's 'Carnation, Lily,Lily, Rose' under my coat and steal it away while a really good friend caused a distraction

...well, this is another in that genre.

Except that that the friend in mind is Elaine, and we'd have fought over who was doing the distracting and who was getting away with the painting! Which would have been a challenge as it's in the Tate.

Why did we both love this so very much - we loved the colour - Ooo how we loved the colour and the texture - so full of light it shines like a sunlit stained glass window.

We could stand in front of this for hours ...and we did.

This jpg of it does it no justice whatsoever but it's the best I could find -

you'll just have to go to the Tate and look at it!

The abstract nature of it drew us in - what can you see in it?

Is that a donkey, that's definitely an eye.

Oh and we loved the classical composition, which for some reason reminded us both of Holman Hunts 'The Triumph of the innocents'.

There are two versions of this, one in the Tate and one in the Walker in Liverpool. I have to admit that I am not a fan of it - those innocents are a tad too muscular for me.

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