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Inspiring Artist of the day... Saul Steinberg

Why? The economy of line!

A little bit of back history - how I started this train of thought...

Those of you who've seen my Facebook page, may have noticed that I recently posted a wee link to Makoto Kagoshima - my 'Inspiring Artist of the day' - on March 5th.

I hadn't really thought much about this but mentioned it on the 'Make Art That Sells' Bootcamp - bear with me - Facebook, closed group, page. I got a response that made me think this may be something that you might like to see - who inspires me - on a regular or irregular basis - the post not how often the artist mentioned inspires me.

Maybe this is the start of something BIG?!

Maybe it will be take off and maybe it will just get me to share work that I love with others, all good stuff.

So here goes -

Please note this will be an intermittent, not daily blog.

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