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I've never grown up!

Some of you may have noticed I've been revamping the website and have been through several transitions. The first move was to update my logo.

I dropped the lobster, remember the lobster, he was the first thing I drew for Spoonflower back in 2012 and sort of became my avatar for the five, going on six years, a perky little chap and still a firm favourite, but time for something new and more me!

With more hand drawn work taking over my portfolio, I thought I'd create a logo incorporating my initials, this is how I signed my artwork since college, and added a sunshine smiley face. He was thoroughly occupying space in my sketchbooks, I was experimenting with expressions at the time.

But still I felt like it wasn't saying enough about me and what I love, I added my wee girlie. Epitomising my inner child, and looking very like me at that age, drawing an elephant. I am still that child with the coloured pencils, maybe not lying on my stomach to draw, but still drawing as if my life depended on it, and still that nagging feeling.

Now I've moved on to something that says it all, it shouts of my love of colour, line and the serendipitous moment. Ta dah, the Blob!

Updated April 2020 after the blob had been added.

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