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Process : From the top! Part 2

Now sometimes things do not go to plan, I start on one track and end up on another

...with something quite different.

So I left you in Process : From the top! Part 1 just after pointing you to a Pinterest collection of inspirational images, and short deviation on how inspiration works for me.

I thought lace, and after a bit of fiddling in Coreldraw came up with a vector image of a lace snowflake which morphed into the image below.

In part this was inspired by a previous design called 'Belaya lenta kruzheva nad plitkoy' - which roughly translates from Russian as "white ribbon lace over tiles" which I did for Spoonflower a few years ago.

Russian! Yes, this type of lace is Russian tape lace and the tile pattern is a traditional Moroccan tile pattern.

Click on the image to visit my Spoonflower shop and see this design

But – as I mentioned earlier – things sometimes do not go to plan and I decided this was not the way to go. I basically came to a dead end.

So back to the drawing board. Lately my work has gone back to to hand drawn motifs and designs and that's the way I wanted to go. Less time clickity clicking and more time scratching away with pen and paint... getting mucky. So much more fun!

The following morning and I start to draw lace motifs. No snowflakes but leaves, flowers and butterflies, not very festive I admit — so I went off piste, kill me!

I like these, especially the third page which is nice and loose and interesting. I decide to put this with elements of the the second page into a repeat. This sounds simple enough but it's like doing a jigsaw puzzle without the aid of a picture.

I'm liking it!

I use some Coreldraw wizardry to create a drop shadow in the grey, and start adding wee blocks of the claret red. Realise I could have added these before doing the wizardry and creating the drop shadow but Hey Ho! Learning curve.

Crop the repeat to a single block, so it will repeat seamlessly, and try it out in Spoonflower and realise I've missed a few colour blocks and the repeat is incomplete. Back to the drawing board, add the colour blocks, crop again, load and Voila — Lacy layers is born.

Click on the image to see it in my Spoonflower shop

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