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How to illustrate a children's book : Part 3

Week four: The next decision was which part of the book I should illustrate, and I did these rough sketches of a scene where Eleanor slides down a giraffe's neck, has a bath with a sea lion, and looks out of the window of the apartment and watches swooping swallows.

I went with the double page spread with Eleanor and the sea lion.

I'm particularly pleased with the two vignettes on the left.

Eleanor - bath time with a sea lion

Week five and the cover. I went with the plain background, but afterwards thought that maybe the animals should have joined in - what do you think?

An alternative cover design

Pet Problems - the cover

When I had finished the course I took another look at the at the five pieces I submitted to the class gallery and changed some elements... you remember my first draft of Eleanor with her accessories in week one well she now looks like this:

The course was with Lilla Rogers at Make Art That Sells and I recommend it.

It's full of great information and Lilla and Zoë Tucker really know their stuff!

Make Art That Sells

Click on the banner to find out more about the course which is running again in February.

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