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How to illustrate a children's book : Part 2

Weeks two and three I drew Eleanor some more and got to know her and how she would look when she laughed, smiled, cried or when she was in a temper!

What next? Hands and feet!

A little known fact - I LOVE drawing feet!

I still wasn't feeling too confident about drawing Eleanor so I got a leaflet out of the bin and drew the children in it ...very quickly. I thought "That's more like it!". I drew Eleanor again several times really quickly. The image on the right is when I felt I'd got her almost right for the first time.



So more drawings of her moving, jumping, running, reaching up and lying down drawing.

Eleanor gets physical

Next week I'll tell you what I did in Week four.

See How to illustrate children's books : Part 3

The course was with Lilla Rogers at Make Art That Sells and I recommend it.

It's full of great information and Lilla and Zoë Tucker really know their stuff!

Make Art That Sells

Click on the banner to find out more about the course which is running again in February.

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