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How to illustrate a children's book : Part 1

It seems ages since I told you all I was taking an online course with Make Art That Sells in Children's book Illustration, it was in October, and some of you may be thinking

"OK, what did you do?"

Week one and I drew... and I drew, and I drew ...first I drew some things:

Next came some animal drawings. Zoe Tucker who wrote the book - Pet Problems - mentions that Eleanor loves animals.

Here's my very first drawing of Eleanor with her favourites things. I feel quite squirmy looking at her now. Not my finest hour - or hers! Later on I updated this sheet with a her as I see her now, but I won't show it here spoilers!

Eleanor and her accessories

Next week I'll tell you what I did in Weeks two and three.

See How to illustrate children's books : Part 2

The course was with Lilla Rogers at Make Art That Sells and I recommend it.

It's full of great information and Lilla and Zoë Tucker really know their stuff!

Make Art That Sells

Click on the banner to find out more about the course which is running again in February.

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