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Inspiring artist of the day - Oskar Schlemmer

I love a bit of Bauhaus, and I do so love a bit of ballet, and Oskar Schlemmer embraced both in his costume designs and choreography.

Bizarrely beautiful or beautifully bizarre?!

I can't quite make up my mind, but I love it.

I came across his costume designs many, many years ago along with the work of Lyubov Popova - I was researching costume design while studying for an A level in Textile and Dress - more about Popova in another blog, so much to tell you ...and so little time!

So back to Oskar, painter, designer and choreographer extraordinaire. Just take a peek at his work — his obsession with geometry is glaringly obvious, but also his love of the human form as a foundation for his work. The costumes go far beyond a simple covering of the body, fashion, a trend ...and become pure sculpture.

This photo by Karl Grill is linked to a reconstruction of Schlemmer's

by Margarete Hastings performed in 1970.

I bet you're thinking - Amazing!

It looks so incredibly modern yet the first dances were in production in 1916,

with it being performed between 1921 and 1929.

At this point I'll leave you to go on your own journey of discovery.

See you soon..

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