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Process : From the top! Part 1

Or how I created my latest fabric design for Spoonflower.

I read the contest brief –

Using at least two of the colors from the palette provided (#2B061E, #5A001C, #AAB5A8) & optional accents of black & white, create a repeating design inspired by a sophisticated winter dinner party. Don’t forget to think about how your design could be used to complete a picturesque party on Roostery’s finished goods. Color variations and colors outside of this palette will not be accepted.

– and decide to make a trend board, this one is super slick as opposed to the sprawling ones I tend to do when no one is looking!

Off to meditate on all things merry and bright!

And yes, I do know it's May.

Now thinking Frost, Snow, Snowflakes, Hellebores, Lace, Berries and soft grey leaves and sophistication in pattern and design which leads me to a pin board for some more inspiration:

Another break - to let things settle and to see if anything else pops into my head.

Now you might be thinking that this trawl through images is confusing ,or at worst unhelpful, but for me it's like a mini culture break to get the Muse inspired. Things pop up from my subconscious, resurface and can lead to a spontaneous new and inspired artwork.

It explains why a deceptively simple pencil drawing by Vojtěch-Preissig seen in a book about Czech Modernism, and then buried deep in the archives of my brain –

This image takes you to a previous blog about Vojtěch-Preissig

– resurfaced as this lovely nest for a rose finch, which turned into a bolt fabric design and a clock!

Click on the birdie to visit my website and the Home Decor collection

Now since this is getting a wee bitty lengthy, and you probably need your tea, I'll take a break here and join you later in Process : From the top! Part 2.

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