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Inspiring Artist of the day - Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone

Whilst taking the Make Art That Sells courses I have become reacquainted with the work of the Johnstone twins, as they illustrated The White Cat – set as an assignment in week three of MATS A.

I say reacquainted as one of my favourite books as a child was 'Jason and the Golden Fleece', also illustrated by the Johnstone twins.

If you want to find out more about the twins click on the image above.

I adored the illustrations, probably more than the stories which were pretty great too. I particularly remember the strong characters, both people and animals, and the pattern they incorporated into every illustration.

We also had a copy of the Mikado – which I recently came across while sorting books at my family home – again it was the illustrations which drew me to it ...and to being an illustrator.

At the age of nine I told my cousins that I was going to draw pictures for books when I grew up. OK I haven't actually done a book yet ...but there's time, especially since I've just signed up for a Children's book illustration course with Lilla Rogers and Make Art That Sells.

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